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Hermann Rogl


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25 Jahre
Gesundheits- und Naturprodukte







Globalis Products are available in all German Pharmacies. 


    (PZN - German Pharmacy Barcode)

We live and act according to your Health

and we offer you facts and the highest possible quality of certain natural substances
We have divided them in four key-aspects because they complete effectively each other - like the elements in the nature.

You can use this nourishing natural products as single, or combined at the same time.
You can use for a few days and weeks,  for example as a 3-month cure or during your life for the perfect preservation of your health.

Have fun by discovering your personal favorits
Hermann Rogl and  Team of Globalis

Clean - remove Pollution - minimize Stress

Oxidative stress and various toxins such as heavy metals and ammonium are degraded by Globalium Zeolith (zeolite) medical product. Your  organs  of detoxification are thereby relieved and again able to master their tasks. 

Wasser / Sauestoff / Blut

Support - for a healthy blood with the purest water

Your metabolism is strengthened in its functions and support - through our stabilized oxygen "aerobic stabilized oxygen". Supplementary we offer you the purest natural water in the world. The ideal basis for healthy body juices!

Globalis Nährstoffe

Supply - nourishment with what nature gives us

Pure vegetable products provide your body with many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins in best quality.

Goldkosmetik / Master Lin

Protect - protecting well from outside your inner health 

Many customersuse our high-quality oils and fats also for the external skin care.

Master Lin with its exceptional cosmetics ingredients as pearl, gold and silk protects your skin against free radicals and reflects the light. 

Regular exercises on fresh air, adequate fluid / water supply and a balanced diet are  the engine for a healthy and vigorous life.

It is in your hand to support the harmony of your body and your mind, as possible, through exquisite natural nutrients.

We wish you Vitality, Strength and a fulfilling life
Hermann Rogl, Philip W. Gratzl and Globalis-Team.